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Je m'appelle Jake B. Rydell et je suis acteur, écrivain, danseur, musicien, et un étudiant des politiques et le loi.  Je viens des Etats-Unis, particularement une ville au nord de Detroit.  Ma première expérience en théâtre était à l'école primaire quand j'ai onze ans parce'que le chef de chœur avait besoin d'un baryton pour la production de la comédie musicale Seussical, et j'étais le seul étudiant capable de le faire!

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Pardonnez-moi, mais ce page est disponible uniquement en anglais actuellement.  Retournez bientot!

"Rydell plays the role of Brad. Rydell has exceptional range [and] easily makes the audience feel the struggle that his character is going through.  He is extremely funny, completely endearing, and does an outstanding job with the role,"

- Katie Laban, BroadwayWorld Detroit.

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(3C at the Ringwald Theatre)


"Rydell, who at only 19 is a newbie actor, is convincing as Baby, the initially naive character who has a summer awakening. The scene where he and Mike Suchyta (Johnny) [...] mouth the lyrics to the old 'Love is Strange' song [...] is flawlessly executed and a highlight of the play,"

- Tanya Gazdik, Encore Michigan.

Photo by Brandy-Joe Plambeck

(Dirty Prancing at the Ringwald Theatre)





Skilled at playing guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and hand percussion.  Also able to play piano, ukulele, and mandolin at a beginner level.  Experienced at providing and performing musical compositions and arrangements in settings both live and recorded.


With languages, in addition to native fluency in English, I possess an intermediate understanding of French (particularly reading and writing), a basic understanding of ASL/PSE, and a touch of Russian.  

With dialects, I can perform a range of dialects from across the UK and Europe, including Cockney, RP, Edinburgh Scottish, Russian, and French.  Full list and samples available upon request.  (See the contact form below!)


Beyond minoring in dance at Wayne State University, I've been taking classes and dancing in shows in the metro Detroit area for nearly a decade.  Primarily, I've focused on jazz and modern, but I also have experience in the worlds of tap, hip-hop, and to a lesser degree, congolese and ballet.



Jake B. Rydell

Performer.  Playwright.  Professional.

Si vous avez des questions pour moi, utilisez le feuille ci-dessous ce texte et je vais répondrai comme rapidement comme c'est possible!

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