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The first full-length play by Jake B. Rydell, Fronts focuses on a family stranded on their homestead in the heat of a revolution.  Though they hope to never see the front lines, the resounding impact of war hangs heavily on each generation of the Orlov's as the fragmented family is forced to fight their own battles at home.

(Full-length play, Drama / 4m, 3f ~80min.)  



Years ago, a group of teenagers made a secret hideaway out of a long-abandoned factory.  Now, after years apart, the group reunites in their little haven hoping to find solace and comfort in this place and the people they used to call home.  The group must confront their changing selves in a changing world - can they ever reclaim the comfort of youth?

(Full-length play, Comedy-Drama / 1m, 2f, 1nb ~70min.)

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